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Clear Channel argues how the payola practices were originally instated in the record companies decades the particular. Clear Channel claims so it is not their fault, but up to the music business to stop paying the price for "pay for play" air-time. They're saying that they rely towards the funds received from music business. Since profits could be filed under "nontraditional revenue," the practice has been entertained as "legal" most desired.

Entourage can be a hit give. As of the time of writing this article, it had completed the sixth season in addition to being in the business of releasing the seventh season (HBO renewed the contract of the show).

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What isn't gone, but indeed a lot of here, will be the major record companies' recent lawsuit involving yet another payola scandal. You remember payola, that blood-stained illegal practice of record companies paying a lot of money for broadcast of newly-released singles on mainstream airwaves. Take cover, Sony-BMG.